A trip to The Narrows

Dad & I went on a great adventure last weekend. We went with a group of Dad’s friends down to Zion National Park and did some canyoneering (Pine Creek) and hiked “The Narrows.” It was an amazing three days.

See here for some pics:

Zion Narrows

If you’ve got Google Earth, check out this .kmz file I put together.

Here are a few other pictures from our family during September:

September 2007

A walk in the desert

I went on a 20-mile hike with our scouts this past Saturday. We hiked in the desert just west of Salt Lake. Most of the hike was along the historic Pony Express Trail.

Even after multiple times of pleading with these scouts to come prepared, especially with good hiking shoes, many of them showed up wearing those floppy, big, loose-laced skateboard shoes. The boys with good hiking shoes were the first to finish. One of the other leaders said, “Now we know how the prophets feel. Always having to beg and plead for us to be obedient, get your food storage, get out of debt, etc.”

You can click on the map for details of the hike.Map of Lookout pass to 5 mile pass