Full circle? Loop-di-loop

So much for that last post from over a year ago. So much has changed since then. We are staying in Utah.  I got a job working for the LDS Church, working at the same building where I worked for Intel for the past 9 years.  We are buying a home back in Herriman.  We are very happy things have worked out.  It’s been a long and crazy summer, one that we’ll never forget, but we’ve been very blessed and feel that we are where we’re supposed to be.

Full Circle

It’s been almost nine years since Amanda & I (and baby Grace) moved away from Portland, OR, and now we’re headed back. Following an invitation from my manager and much prayer and contemplation we feel that it is a great opportunity for us and will be a fun adventure. The hardest part now is knowing that we will be leaving a wonderful neighborhood and our best friends.

We haven’t set a move date yet, but it will likely be in June or July.

The kids are also sad but we’ve been trying to focus on the positive and they are starting to get excited about the move. I’ve tried to find fun things to tell the kids to help them get excited about the move.

Knowing that Thomas loves zoos and animals I told him that the Washington Park Zoo in Portland has the largest population of elephants in the United States. He got very excited about that and we looked more online together; after further research Thomas told us “Yeah, but they’re Asian elephants, my favorites are African elephants.”

Oh, and check out new photos going back to Christmas and our cruise and Thomas’s birthday.  I’m still getting caught up.

Family of Six

I guess I’m having a hard time grasping the idea, the concrete reality, that I’m the head of a family of six.

Conversation on the phone earlier today:

Amanda: “I’m going to go to target today.”

Me: “Are you going to take all three of them.”

Amanda: “No, I’m taking all four of them.”

Me: “That’s what I meant, all four of you are going.”

Amanda: “No five of us are going.”

Me: (stumped silence, adding in my head)

Amanda: “Jason, we have four kids, there’s five of us.”

Maybe it’s just because I’m working on four hours of sleep.