My Library

A few years ago I created an excel file of all the books I’ve read (that I could remember). It’s kind of nerdy, but hey, I love reading and making lists–I blame Dad. I remember being intrigued by reading Dad’s list of books read that he kept in his journal.

I’ve had some fun recently transferring my excel list to a cool website called LibraryThing. Check out my library. It’s got cool tagging features (Search my tags for “reading” to see what I’m currently working on. Or search “unread” to see all the books I’ve acquired but haven’t yet got around to reading.) and book recommendation and community features. I think the “cover view” is kind of cool:


I’ve got 317 books in my catalog, 239 tagged as read.

The author cloud is kind of cool, too:


Create your own library. It’d be fun to see what you have read or are currently reading. It’s also fun trying to remember all the books you’ve read.