Summer stats

I drove from Herriman to Portland on April 22 of this year. Since that time I’ve felt like quite a vagabond:

  • 68 non-consecutive nights in an extended stay hotel in Portland.
  • 32 nights in a Residence Inn (28 in Sandy, UT; 4 in Folsom, CA)
  • 5 nights in a beautiful cabin at Bear Lake, ID with my family
  • 4 nights at a fantastic condo in Park City, UT with our great friends
  • 1 night in a dumpy hotel in Battle Mountain, NV
  • 1 night at the SLC Marriott Downtown (very nice)
  • 1 night in a tent with Thomas at the Spruces campground
  • 1 night at my in-laws in Placerville, CA (always nice)
  • 14 nights in my own bed in my old home which we moved out of on June 18
  • 33 nights at my mom’s home in Provo, UT
  • 21 flights
  • Long drives:  Herriman to Portland, Provo to Bear Lake, Bear Lake to Sacramento, Portland to Sacramento, Sacramento to Provo

Needless to say, very excited to move in to our new home next Friday.